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Victoria Cup 2016 – Day 02 Recap | ELPGolf.com

Day 01 of the Victoria Cup 2016 competition went quite well with both teams putting up a huge fight.

#TeamUganda fielded a very strong team who brought their A game and won 2 matches.

#TeamKenya performed well and won 2 matches. The juniors; Mutahi Kibugu and Agil Jamal performed exceptionally well. H.E. Moi Lemoshira was overheard commending Mutahi Kibugu and insisting he would be a PGA Tour player in the near future. We wish the young golfer a world of open opportunities.

At the end of day 01, both teams tied after both winning 2 matches.

Action begins early on Saturday. Here’s the morning draw for DAY 02 FOURSOMES:


Here are some action shots from Day II

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