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Team Canada 1 Rains on Kenya Long Drive Team’s Parade


In every sport there is a winner and a loser, there are good days and there are not so good days…

Team Kenya was faced with a very challenging Day 3 at the ILDC on Thursday when they were matched against International Team 1. You see, International team is a team that is drawn out of all the players from a hat and it just so happened that two of Team Kenya’s members; Ajay Matharu and Joyce Wanjiru were drawn into International Team 1. What happens in this case – when a you are picked into the international team and you face the country you represent, you aren’t allowed to hit so this was a match pretty much based 3 against 3. Add in the tough weather conditions it was a tough match for Team Kenya and unfortunately they lost their first match here.

All hope wasn’t lost there. As ILDC  is a double elimination event, it means you have to lose twice to be eliminated. Team Kenya was moved to the losers bracket into an even tougher match – against Team Canada 1, who had earlier in the day knocked out Team USA 1 (who were represented by Ex World champions ranked 2 and 8). It was an extremely tough fight for Kenya who put all their effort into it, but unfortunately lost to Canada 1 thereby knocking Kenya out of the competition.

So far, Team Kenya had done a stellar job by seeding 2nd, winning all their matches and won over scores of fans & respect from their peers by performing like true professionals, with the famous Kenyan spirit, hard work and dedication.

But wait, there’s a happy ending; We still have Ajay Matharu and Joyce Wanjiru who are part of international team 1 and are still undefeated! Kenyans keep on going!