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Every once in a while, people are blessed with someone who gets it. Someone who knows their purpose, their role, their contribution to the world and their sphere of influence and they also get down to do what they have to do to fulfill all that. The golfing fraternity is fortunate to have Moses Gichohi.

Moses Gichohi & his team are the brains behind Tee@1000Golf an outfit out to grow the game of golf. They organize everything for you as a beginner; from your training, access various golf courses, your official handicap, family, buddies, groups & corporate packages; they handle it all. They also work with various golf equipment & accessories vendors to get you the right equipment and gear to get started. They provide all that at a fraction of most club membership fees; Kes. 65,000!

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Last week, Tee@1000Golf launched officially at a celebrity studded breakfast hosted by TVC Kenya. At the launch, the masterplan of how tee at 1000 will get everybody to play the game was laid out to the many celebrities and journalists. A pre-event will take place on September 17th at Kenya Railway Golf Club with the main event that targets 1000 golfers set to take place in October at Migaa in conjunction with Wadi Degla.

“The tournament will introduce golf to a number of top celebrities and businesspersons who will get memberships to some of the best Kenyan golf clubs and will get to keep fit, bond & network said TVC CEO, Maurice Okoth.

Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club PRO, Riz Charania was also at the launch to offer tips to the many celebrities and journalists present.

Find more information about Tee@1000Golf and sign up at http://tee1000golf.com.

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Red Carpet Pictures courtesy TVC Kenya