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Pictorial: Windsor Hackers’ World Cup – ELPGolf.com


A few weeks ago, Windsor Golf Pro, Riz Charania organized to have me at the Windsor Hackers’ world cup through the ELPGolf Co Founder. I got there bright and early, Kiambu Road is a traffic nightmare plus I am an early riser so that I get to have some coffee before I set out on the course.

The day went on quite well (as you will see from the pictures)and I can say that the hackers are a bunch of pleasant and happy gentlemen and ladies. I later got to chat with the Hackers’ founder, Mervyn Perry who I’ll let share who, what, why, how the Hackers’ came to be and their ethos.



Hackers’ started without a name sometime late in 2009 by myself (Merv) & a couple of expats who are now long gone. Originally we just had a 4 ball then two then 3 etc. The aim was just to get a bunch of players a game on a Saturday morning seeing that 4 balls were usually full & we didn’t know many members.

We had our first farewell event in the middle of 2010 to two of our regular members from the Italian Embassy and about 16 of us played in Limuru that Saturday. It’s after the celebrations that we decided to call ourselves the “Windsor Hackers”. Since then, I have been sending weekly e mails and organizing the weekly 4 balls so we now had a name & became a little more official.


Our Logo (the Warthog) was organized by one of our members through the cartoonist of one of the local newspapers & our first shirts were sponsored by the newly formed Pepsi Co. in 2011. Later, one of our members donated trophies; someone else donated more shirts; we had annual functions and so on and so forth and the Hackers’ grew from strength to strength. Nowadays we get a regular 32 – 40 golfers on a Sat morning and have approximately 75 golfers in the communication. Hackers’ is great for any newcomers who don’t know anyone but want to enjoy a round of golf as well as meet like minded fellows.

Hackers’ main goal: Play golf & socialize afterwards. Obviously there are business benefits as people get to know what everyone does

Hackers’ Formats: Various but mainly alliance games with varying numbers of people to count per hole – Alliance games are much more fun and allow the 4 ball to interact as a team.

Hacker’s Motto: To enjoy ourselves as everyone has busy stressful lives during the week!!

I still run the Hackers’ with the assistance of various people on the day and in my absence.


That’s about it from Merv, now a few shots from the beautiful day. Enjoy and share widely.

Thank you.

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