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Pictorial: Victoria Cup 2016 Round III – ELPGolf.com

Here are a few shots from Round 3 of the Victoria Cup 2016.

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6K5A9940 6K5A9948 6K5A9955 6K5A9963 6K5A9965 6K5A9970 6K5A9982 6K5A9998 IMG_7594 6K5A0088 6K5A0107 6K5A0118 6K5A0140 6K5A0149 6K5A0154 6K5A0159 6K5A0166 6K5A0168 6K5A0176 6K5A0186 6K5A0203 6K5A0205 6K5A0211 6K5A0252 6K5A0282 6K5A0085 6K5A0040 6K5A0006



IMG_7608 6K5A0319