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The annual Kabete Open 2016 took place over last weekend Saturday and Sunday at VetLab Sports Club with Kenya top amateurs taking part in the event to rack up Golfer of the Year (GOTY) points. Royal’s Kenneth Bollo had a bullish start of the year where he racked up 186.25 points and came to the Multichoice Kabete Open at the top of the GOTY points table followed by Muthaiga’s Jeff Kubwa with 168.50 and Dennis Saikwa capping off the top 3 with 137.75 points.

The event kicked off at 7.30am on a chilly Saturday at VetLab where the greens were shaved and rolled to produce really, really fast greens that one couldn’t be able to control the ball from any other direction besides uphill (I overheard a conversation between 2 PROs). It was also drizzling from time to time and that meant that the light drizzle cover on the greens was deceiving; made you think that the greens were slower than they really are. I saw J Kariuki hit a 60 degree wedge from 110m to the pin and the ball landed 10 yards to the pin but rolled back to more than 30 yards to the pin. That was a bummer. All this meant that there was only one player who played one round under par; Kenneth Bollo on Round 2; carding 2 under par 70.

Please allow me, a beginner with very limited understanding of golf and bordering on being labelled an idiot wearing rose petal(ed) glasses because I am in love with the game to poke a few holes and or challenge you: I totally get it when someone says that Golf is hard but I am of the school of thought that by the time that you are getting to single digits handicap you should be able to play quite a number of rounds under par. Innit? That when you know that you are one of the top Kenyan amateurs and you have an upcoming event you’d play at least 2 rounds that week to get a feel of the greens, fairways, teebox et al so that you are able to deliver? You see, I was pained to see the really negative headlines when we didn’t deliver much at the Barclays Kenya Open and I’d hate it to be the case next year. What sort of motivation do the top amateurs need to constantly play under par? I walked the whole 18 on Saturday afternoon accompanying a 2 ball made up of a handicap 5 & +1 handicap and I just wanted to be wowed… how wrong was I. Yes, the score card was impressive; 5 over par and I have never witnessed a +360 yard bomb down a par 4 (hole13) on a competition day… that was impressive but I felt there needed to be something more. Is it in the prizes to be won? Is it in the recognition that they receive? Is it in value added services and or perks (yes I know amateurs cannot win cash prizes) but what do we really need to do to motivate these talented, skilled and gifted amateurs to raise the standard of their play? Rant over.

After the 3 rounds, Bollo came on top after carding 3 over par 219 followed by VetLab’s Robison Owiti with +9- 225. 3rd place was a tie between VetLab’s Jack Mureithi and Muthaiga’s G Kubwa who both carded 13 over par 229. VetLab had four home players in the top 10 followed by Railway and Royal with 2 players each and Muthaiga & Golf Park each having 1 player to close the top 10.


Full results available here

Here’s how the GOTY points table (Top10) looks like after the Multichoice Kabete Open 2016:


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