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Last weekend, I went back to ground zero – Limuru Country Club and this time for the Limuru Open & Brackenhurst Cup.

I believe that we humans often tie memories, emotions and possibly decisions with the places/environments where they happened or as rappers say it, we are product of our environment. Limuru is my golfing Mecca. Sometime last year, we participated in the KCDF Golfing for good event at Windsor and that was my first encounter with golf. I had heard the hype about it but I had never been to a golf course or swung a club. I mean, until October 2015, I didn’t know much about it except what I was exposed to… which was… nothing. After the magical bug of Windsor bit me and the membership fees sent me fleeing in the opposite direction, I found myself at a couple of clubs in the following weeks for one reason or another and then I landed at Limuru late November; that’s when it dawned on me that I had found a new challenge; golfing. I’ll finish that story someday.

Now, back to the Limuru Open and Brackenhurst Cup. I wanted to get an interview of the history of the event and whatever information I could get. I got the link from the ever resourceful Yassin Awale, lined up the questions but I later decided to go there as a novice. You see, history and pedigree information has a way of raising your hopes and if you set foot to an event and it’s anything less of the stature and might painted by the narrator… you have set myself up for a great disappointment. So I went in blind. On Saturday morning, apparently too late to catch the teams teeing off but had ample time to walk the course and bring you some amazing photos.

The Limuru Open Trophy was a 54 Hole KGU GOTY (Golfer of the Year) nett score event. It was open to Amateur golfers including caddies with a maximum handicap of 12 and under cut off subject to entries. Running concurrently was another 54 Holes gross Event, BRACKENHURST CUP. This event played 36 holes on Saturday and 18 holes on Sunday Am. It was open to Amateur Golfers with a maximum handicap of 12 and under cut off subject to entries.

Limuru Open-04

Paul Muchangi, a member of the Limuru Country Club won the Limuru Open 2016 after carding 70,76,70 in the 3 rounds while North Rift KGU Representative and Team Kenya’s manager, Andrew Chelogoi carded 74,65,76 to win the Brackenhurst Cup 2016. You can find the list of all players and their scores on Master Scoreboard.

In summary, I’d like to ask you to help me swallow this bitter pill, lifted off a member of a golfers group, “…of 172 rounds played at the Limuru Open last weekend, there were only 4 sub par rounds (Gross Score)…” That speaks volumes on the state of golfing in the country and I am sure there are people who know what needs to get done. I sure do hope that they will act quickly.

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As of now, please enjoy this 60 shot gallery of the action at Limuru Country Club.

Thank you.

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