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Kenya Triumphs at the Victoria Cup 2016 – ELPGolf.com

The last day of #VictoriaCup2016; a chilly Sunday came about and the draws were done a few minutes to 8am.

#VictoriaCup2016 Day III – Single Matches Draw

The coaches left to brief their teams and they started emerging from their locker rooms (we don’t have those in Golf but it makes for a perfect analogy :-p) with #TeamKenya wearing spotless white polos and #TeamUganda in bloody red polos. If you are like me who grew up watching Tiger Woods at his prime, then you know that Tiger always played in a Red polo on Sundays… and when you see him in Sunday red then you knew it was going to be bloody; whether he is in the lead or not. But I digress.

As the teams made it to the first tee, we all knew that Uganda needed to win 7 matches to lift the Victoria Cup Trophy donated by Moses Tanui while Kenya needed to win only 5 matches. The first of the Single Matches to tee off was the duo of Ronald Rugumayo – Uganda and Agil Jamal – a Kenyan 15 year old who had won all his previous matches paired with another 14 junior, Martin Kibugu who will be representing Kenya in the British Open. But I digress once again.

I got back to the KGU offices to finish up on the draw list designs and waited for the teams to get on the back 9 where I’d whip out the Canon 5D and my “Sunday Special” Lens, the Sigma 300-800mm that I thought was going to restrict my movements as I was knackered and follow the teams. Shock on me!

When they got to the 10th tee, Kenya was only leading in 2 matches! This was going to be harder than I thought. The Ugandan boys brought their A* game! I started snapping to catch every moment… the drives, the chips, the putts, the bunker shots, artistic shots, rules clarifications, the reliefs… every moment as this was going to be a battle.

Fast forward to that iron second shot on the 17th that Kenya Captain Bo Ciera hit to 2 feet from the pin followed by the 20 foot putt that the 15 year old Joel Basalaine from Uganda drained and the battle for the title went to the last tee.

I congratulated Joel and nervously asked Bo Ciera to bring it home. Joel teed of first to land in the middle of the fairway as Bo landed on the rough. Bo’s 2nd shot brought him to the fairway a little over 120 yards to the pin. Joel hit his 2nd and landed on the extreme left of the 18th green. Interviewing Bo Ciera later he said, “I knew I couldn’t take him on with power and that is where my experience came in.” Bo hit a pin seeking iron shot that landed him within a feet to the pin… It is at that exact moment that I labeled Bo as the #PinHunter. Joel hit his putt to bring him closer to the pin but it broke to the left and that is the exact moment when Kenya triumphed.

UGU President, Johnson Omolo in his speech at the prize giving ceremony gave his highlight of the day, “two accidents happened today, The hole in one by John Lejirmah on the Par 3 13th and that pin seeking shot by Capt. Bo Ciera on the 18th.” I was only but happy to have been here to capture those moments among many others. I ended up with over 400 shots from this last day and I have tried my level best to bring you the best shots. Below is the mega gallery, indulge.


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6K5A0806 6K5A0833 6K5A0845 6K5A0856 6K5A0857 6K5A0859 6K5A0864 6K5A0872 6K5A0879 6K5A0884 6K5A0891 6K5A0894 6K5A0912 6K5A0915 6K5A0932 6K5A0937 6K5A0939 6K5A0942 6K5A0963 6K5A0967 6K5A0968 6K5A0973 6K5A0981 6K5A0992 6K5A0996 6K5A1000 6K5A1004 6K5A1016 6K5A1018 6K5A1027 6K5A1029 6K5A1033 6K5A1037 6K5A1050 6K5A1055 6K5A1058 6K5A1062 6K5A1078 6K5A1097 6K5A1099 6K5A1122 6K5A1123 6K5A1125 6K5A1130 6K5A1132 6K5A1136 6K5A1140 6K5A1141 6K5A1142 6K5A1143 6K5A1146 6K5A1149 6K5A1151 6K5A1155 6K5A1157 6K5A1171 IMG_7639 IMG_7641 IMG_7645 IMG_7649


  • Wanguru Steve

    Awesome report. Will definitely engage with you on junior events.

    • Thank you.
      Looking forward to partner with you in order to elevate the sport.