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Kenya Long Drive Team Wins ALL Matches on Day 01 at ILDC


Day 01 of the ILDC World Team Championships in Manzanillo, Mexico meant that it was time for double elimination rounds and Team Kenya won all matches!

In early round matches the Cinderella story, Team Kenya won their match to advance in the winners bracket when they plowed past Canada 3 as they displayed their talent and consistency in a tough grid coupled with tough conditions.


All three open hitters hit extremely well with Kevin Mabele hitting his longest ball of the event at 320yards, James Kamenchu- 330yards and Ajay Matharu- 340yards. Woman hitter Joyce Wanjiru continued to display her consistency and filled up the grid with several balls topping out at 261yards. Jacob Okello, senior hitter also hit his longest ball of the day at 339yards.

Longest ball of the day men’s went to Mitch Grassing with 381yards and Fareen Samji at 292yards. Tomorrow Team Kenya faces the International team which consists of a random draw of hitters selected to create a friendship team that is also competitive. Coach Anokh Jai is ecstatic at his team’s performance.


Team Kenya is now classified as a threat to consider at this event and the team is making quite an impact. “I am very proud to represent Kenya at the ILDC event and it is so different than any of the national team golf events I have played in. The pressure here is much more,” Says Joyce Wanjiru of Kiambu Golf Club.


Report by Fareen Samji.