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I chose to celebrate my birthday with all the parents & children who set foot and teed up at the Father & Son competition at Royal Nairobi Golf Club. Well, it’s not like they knew of it and sang me happy birthday every time I followed their swing snapping away but I knew what the day & where I was meant to me.

In my mind, I was going to spend part of my morning observing relationships between parents & children and I was willing to learn what would make a successful pair on the course so that I can secretly take notes for as/when I am blessed with a mini me but I also wanted to see how parents keep hyper kids disciplined enough to play golf; because for a fact, the parents came to win but most of the young ones came to enjoy the game and or be in the company of their parents.

It wasn’t all nice & dandy though. It started with me walking into a conversation where one of the kids was being talked down upon by someone who wasn’t the parent… this kiddo went on to play a really bad tee shot and the dad wasn’t very supportive either, so by the time I ditched the team, 3 holes later, he hadn’t really recovered. The 2nd team was comprised of some teenagers and their dads so there wasn’t really much conflict there as and it was really adorable to see the kids watching their dads swing, correct them, fist bumps & all. Great chemistry. I’d really want to delve into what the parents would have done to bolster their kids self esteem on the course but I don’t think it’s in my place to do that.

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Overall, I was treated to some laugh worthy golfing where the kids were having too much fun and when they’d nail it, their excitement couldn’t be held back. I also enjoyed watching parents who totally enjoyed hanging out with their sons and cherished those moments. I also got to feel happy that the future of golf in Kenya is being passed on to the next generation not through trainers and coaches but from father to son; that’s the most effective way to pass the baton in my humble, layman’s opinion.

I was also hit by a wayward shank… oh how much I had to “man up” so that the kiddo doesn’t grow up hating golf because he hit a random guy with a camera on his birthday. All in all, it was a lovely day that wasn’t so much of a competition but a daddy & son day out bonding over 18 holes and a couple of double & triple bogeys; FUN!

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