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ELPGolf was coined from the phrases; Enjoy Life. Play Golf.

Through this site, we intend to appreciate, promote, inform, educate, share everything good about the golfing culture and basically Enjoy Life- Above Par: Play Golf- Below Par.

We will be bringing you the latest news from Kenya and around the world, tips for beginners & all handicappers, course reviews, features and a live blog of most, if not all golf events in Kenya.

Should you require us on site for any of your events (It’ll cost you nothing. Maybe fuel and accommodation if out of NRB and it’s environs), feel free to get in touch: elpgolf[@]gmail[.]com , press[@]elpgolf[.]com or call 254 703 927 347.


ELPGolf – Kenya’s Premier Golf Blog & Digest.



We’d say ‘ragtag assortment’ but there’s no such thing in golf. We put a mic in front of every person who plays the good game. From the occasional guy, to caddies to club captains to juniors to pros to semi pros to coaches… everyone. We have them all here.


Here are ALL the lovely courses that you can sink your tee into and have an epic time!


We’ve put together some well researched content, tips, advice and information from top Golf PROs in Kenya and around the world that will help you lower your strokes, swing better and hit every green in regulation.


Course hopping and bringing you up to the minute coverage of ALL Golfing events in Kenya, highlights from PGA, LPGA, European Tours as the big names transverse the world to drive for show and putt for dough